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Apprenticeships Offer Unique Employment Opportunities

March 24, 2015

DGA has created a career path for farmers and is actively recruiting Masters and Apprentices. Read this great piece in Ameircan Dairyman.

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UW-Madison helps train aspiring farmers enrolled in ‘the MBA of dairy’

March 12, 2015

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship partners with UW-Madison to provide a pathway for aspiring young farmers to develop grazing careers in dairy farming.

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Program seeks to train grazing dairy farmers

March 7, 2015

DGA's Minnesota Education Coordinator and Master Dairy Grazier, Bonnie Haugen, is reaching out to current and aspiring farmers across the border.

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Apprenticeship Aims To Grow State's Next Generation Of Farmers

March 2, 2015

Joe Tomandl, III discusses the importance of new farmer training for Wisconsin's dairy indsutry on WPR's Central Time. Take a listen!

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Apprentice Program Trains Next Generation of Farmers

August 14, 2014

Joe Tomandl, III was interviewed by the local television news station in Wausau about Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship at Farm Technology Days. Check it out!

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New Start Dairy after the Apprentice Program

April 28, 2014

Journey Dairy Grazier, Nate Weisenfeld, graduated from Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship in 2012. He's hosting a pasture walk on May 20th at his start-up farm in Marathon.

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